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EPCA operate on the bleeding edge of new technologies to provide complete Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) conversions and charging systems for large-scale mining equipment, including Loaders, Prime Movers, Mechanical Trucks, and more.

Our specialist engineering and production team provide mining vehicle electrification services from our Hazelmere workshop in Western Australia and supports clients across Australia and beyond.

Supporting Companies

EPCA has effective working relationships with other companies, operating in conjunction to provide a full suite of engineering and renewable energy services.

  • EPCA – Vehicle Electrification
  • EMJC – Mine haulage, maintenance workshop and service capabilities

Together, these companies can provide true net-zero carbon emission vehicles, utilising a Solar PV system to charge the converted electric mining vehicles. You can learn more details about our mining vehicle electrification process below.

Mining Vehicle Electrification Process

Phase one

The Brief

The client approaches EPCA with a request for Battery Electric Vehicle conversions.

We work with the client to prepare a brief based on the kinds of vehicles being converted, the required run and charge time, the number of vehicles being converted, and external considerations such renewable power sources.

PHASe two

project planning

EPCA get to work on a preliminary design which considers the vehicle specifications and client requirements.

We issue a proposal for the vehicle conversion as well as the charging station, with details regarding the methodology, build components, assumptions, inclusions / exclusions, and expected build / maintenance costs.

Once the proposal is accepted with purchase order in hand, the approximate 12-month process can commence.

PHASE three

Commence Project

EPCA in conjunction with PME Services carry out detailed system design, utilising 3D scanning to provide a basis for the working model. All elements of the build are considered including the complete electrical schematic and custom panel fabrication required to retrofit the new electric components. 

EPCA order all required components including batteries, motors, and DC chargers and await their delivery. The longest lead time is typically on the battery system which can take up to 6 months for delivery.

PHASE four

system Assembly

With client vehicles mobilised to the workshop, we completely disassemble the diesel engine and related components. As parts arrive, EPCA begin fabrication and assembly of each subsystem.

All works are carried out in-house with a paint booth, metal press, and plasma cutting machines available in the workshop. Our engineers oversee production and work closely with the trades to ensure optimal performance and integrity.

As subsystems are completed, one-by-one components are retrofitted onto the vehicle until assembly is finally complete.

PHASE five

Performance Testing

All systems undergo rigorous load and no load testing conditions to ensure the utmost performance, reliability and safety of our converted vehicles. We carry out any performance testing and prepare the vehicle for client handover.

The charging station is tested to ensure peak performance in line with the charge times established in the brief. The chargers are sent to site for installation by our sister company, Wunumarra.


Lifetime Maintenance & Remote Monitoring

Charging stations are installed and the electrified vehicle is mobilised to site. Client operators are provided with onsite training for vehicle safety procedures, isolation protocols and charging guidelines. The client can now commence operations of their brand-new battery electric vehicles.

The electrified vehicle will enjoy a significant reduction in operational and maintenance costs with a long 20-year life expectancy on electric motors, power electronics, and inverters, with an 8-year rotation on batteries.

Remote monitoring of the EV will be fully integrated into existing SCADA systems.

For clients that opt to incorporate clean energy sources to power the chargers, such as Solar, they can now achieve true net zero emissions on their mining vehicle operations.


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