Green and Lean
Mining Fleet Solution

Leading the way in zero-emissions mining equipment conversions worldwide



Leading the way to a greener future

EPCA operate on the bleeding edge of new technologies to provide complete Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) conversions and charging systems for large-scale mining equipment, including Loaders, Prime Movers, Mechanical Trucks, and more.

Our specialist engineering and production team operate from our Hazelmere workshop in Western Australia and supports clients across Australia and beyond. We design and manufacture a green mining fleet for purchase and hire.

Future technologies making zero-emission fleet targets a reality



Focus on the big picture

We strive to create a positive environmental impact by slashing the carbon footprint of the mining industry on a global scale. The challenge is a big one, but all it takes is the upgrade of one vehicle at a time.

By converting existing mining vehicles into fully-electric systems, you could expect savings of approximately $703k p.a. in combined OpEx / CapEx / maintenance costs per vehicle. For a fleet size of 650 vehicles, you could reduce $0.5bil in costs with a carbon reduction of 1.1mil tonnes.